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calculate Geltner liquidity-adjusted return series


David Geltner developed a method to remove estimating or liquidity bias in real estate index returns. It has since been applied with success to other return series that show autocorrelation or illiquidity effects.

The theory is that by correcting for autocorrelation, you are uncovering a "true" return from a series of observed returns that contain illiquidity or manual pricing effects.


Return.Geltner(Ra, ...)


Ra an xts, vector, matrix, data frame, timeSeries or zoo object of asset returns
... any other passthru parameters


The Geltner autocorrelation adjusted return series may be calculated via:

Geltner.returns = [R(t) - R(t-1)*acf(R(t-1))]/1-acf(R(t-1))

where acf(R(t-1)) is the first-order autocorrelation of the return series Ra and R(t) is the return of Ra at time t and R(t-1) is the one-period lagged return.


return series adjusted for first order autocorrelation


Brian Peterson


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